Jules hoof update

As most of you will remember our little Jules had surgery June last year to remove a large Keratoma (Tumor) from her hoof leaving a large opening in the front wall of her hoof. She had a sepcialist rubber shoe and metal plate fitted to be changed every 8 weeks or so and it was estimated to take 18 months before her foot would be completely grown back however, it was growing very slowly.

2/3 months ago Leahurst launched the all new “Specialist Equine Hoof Supplement” and we decided to give it ago. Over the years we have tried every hoof supplement under the sun on our ponies and with no success so we were sceptical but, earlier this week Jules went to have her shoe replaced and what we found left us and our Remedial Farrier Tom Clothier gob smacked. Compared to her last shoe change Jules had double, yes double the horn growth to the previous shoe change and therefore has grown right down and no longer needs a shoe. Thats 18 months of growth in just 10 months, the majority in the last 2 months and its good solid horn too. This has saved us a fortune in Remedial Farriery and we are only half way through our first tub.

If you are looking for a reliable hoof supplement we recommend you see the results for yourself. Only available through Leahurst directly but you dont have to be a registered client just call in or give them a ring.

Jules hoof with special shoe to keep hoof together

Hoof 2015


Pollyanna update

While Pollyanna was in Leahurst with colic, the veterinary team took a closer look at the abscess on her cheek. She had received creams and antibiotics prior but the abscess kept coming back. The vets discovered that one of her back teeth was rather large, although she has regular checkups with the dentist and was eating normally, it was decided to remove the tooth to prevent re-occurring abscesses. And, wow what a tooth for a 23inch high pony.

Pollys tooth

Olivia and Friends ride for Pollyanna

Olivia with Polly









Pollyanna suffers with Equine Dwarfism and stands at just 23 inches high. She has recently been very poorly with colic and after a stay in the Philip Leverhulme Equine Hospital her vet bill is expected to be between £2000 and £5000. Local 10 year old Olivia Cole (pictured) sponsors Pollyanna and was devastated to hear she was poorly, so set about a plan to raise as much funds as possible to help pay for Pollyannas treatment, as a result Larton Riding School agreed to let Olivia and all the other weekend riders, ride in their onsies and be sponsored for the event to raise money for Polly. These amazing young ladies raised a fantastic £316.49. A huge thank you from all of us at HSW especially Pollyanna.

Olivia and friends

Spring is here

B&T in sun









What a lovely site. Blues and Toos out in the sun. Toos is doing great, however, Blues still has a way to go. The fresh air and grass will do them both good.