Besty gives Paula a reason to get up every day.

Betsy found her forever home with a lovely lady, Paula Greenfield. Call it fate, love at first sight, whatever, but these two are a perfect match.

Paula suffers from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) . The following words are from a post Paula put on Face book.

Paula’s permission has been given to share with you, to show our ponies who are often broken by human hands can give love and still trust that we will keep them safe, and in return they will give unconditional love back.

Betsy and Paula


(written by Paula)
I’ve got so much love for my little princess Betsy Boo! I went through stages were I used to stay in bed for days on end and hide away from reality, She gave me the strength I needed to get out of bed everyday and face the world, the fact that she needs me to feed her, groom her and change her bedding and teach her how to trust meant that I couldn’t let her down and I had to put her feelings and care before my own feelings! She was a tough little pony to start but I wouldn’t change her for the world 😘 I’m ever so proud of her for the little lady she is today.

Roll camera – Action!

Film crewWe spent yesterday with a film crew at our Shetland Centre in Wallasey, filming for Support Adoption for Pets to give advice about taking on a rescued pony, to promote adoption over purchasing and hopefully a bit towards their give a pet a Christmas dinner appeal this year too, all in aid of their 10th birthday helping animals in need.

HSW Partners up with Pets at Home

We are pleased to announce we are now partnered with Pets at Home Wallasey. This means 

  1. We can Increase our local awareness and raise funds. Perhaps most important, we can join the Pets at Home team for a “Meet and Greet” event in store. This is a unique way of introducing our work to the public and is guaranteed to be a great awareness and funds booster.
  2. We will be eligible to receive food and/or accessories donated by customers via the Support Adoption For Pets donation bins located within Pets at Home stores.
  3. We will be eligible to receive a nomination for a donation from Support Adoption for Pets following the
    annual Support Adoption For Pets Fundraising drives (currently held three times a year)**
  4. We will be eligible to advertise ponies that need a new home on display boards in store (where available)
  5. We will receive 10{6a58d31d3c5a0a8c6a8185d433f901ea3d6300a08925ea4c531ce37ae37d0426} Pets at Home vouchers (subject to availability) for us to include in your pet adoption packs for new loners.
  6. Take advantage of joint PR and knowledge of the charity team, charity ambassadors in store and their Trustees.

pets at home

Shetland centre named after local supporter Joanne










After a year of work on our dedicated Shetland Centre in Wallasey we finally put our sign up today. We have lots of people to thank for their hard work there including Adam Grogan and the Probation Service who did the bulk of the work and also a big thank you to Support Adoption for Pets and local supporter Joanne Bird who between them put forward all the funding required for the work.

Up until Joanne’s support 18 months ago we were trundling along with little funding and unable to expand as we wanted, she has done all sorts for us, not just financially but collecting items and sending emails, she truly thinks about the ponies day in and day out and takes every opportunity to help and encourage others to do the same, so it’s only fitting that we mark Joanne’s big heart by dedicating our Shetland Centre to her name, thank you for everything Joanne and everyone who has been involved in the work in one way or another.