Photo Shoot for Morgan

The lovely Jess Taylor popped in to do a Photo shoot of Morgan, here are just a few of her shots.

Sleepy morgan

Faith and morgan 1 Faith and Morgan

Introducing Morgan

FoalAfter the heartbreak of so many loses in such a short time Faith gave birth to a health little chap at 11pm 19th April 2016. Lots more photos will be added to the Gallery page as they come in.

Night Night Little Man R.I.P.

Tonto (3)And the dark cloud continues to hang over HSW. We are heartbroken to bring more sad news, that on 19th we sadly had to have our little gent Tonto put to sleep, after he was suddenly taken seriously ill with liver failure, of all our little shetland herd Tonto was the most placid and exceptionally mannered little fella and will be greatly missed by us all, horse and human alike, rest in peace little man.

Tears spent for Molly and her baby

Molly 1






It is with a heavy heart that we bring the sad news that during the early hours of the morning on 16th, Molly had severe complications foaling, Amy was actually with her when her waters broke and within minutes had the vet on route because the foal only presented as 1 leg and a head, due to the size of the foal neither us or 2 Leahurst hospital vets could get the foal out, so she was rushed up to the hospital for surgery but very sadly we lost both Molly and her baby (named Diamond as he/she had a diamond on his/her head and its a unisex name as we dont know if a colt or filly)








On 13th April we received a call to say that a mare and her 3yo colt were being euthanaised, in the minutes between an exchange of calls and texts, sadly her 3yo colt Polo was euthanaised, but the group of young ladies who had come across the situation, bravely, managed to stop Coco falling on the same fate so that we could go and collect her.

Coco is 18 years old and had very little handling, certainly her owner admitted, that due to health problems she and her baby had been neglected for at least the last year.

Coco is very nervous, particularly on her right side were she appears to have limited vision and has very long feet, she is also pregnant, we will have a vet confirm and as always check her worm count, our lovely Farrier Tom Clothier will be making her feet much more comfortable tomorrow and our super dentist Lee-Shakeshaft Edt will call to her as soon as possible, she will also have a good scrub as soon as she is settled.

As always all of the above adds to our massive bills, every penny really does count, if you can spare even £1 please donate via PayPal to:, thank you all for your continued support and well done to the girls who saved Coco.

Heartbreak for Maisie and HSW

MasieWe are very sad to report, that the first of the 3 foals we have been expecting from our most recent rescues, was very sadly stillborn between midnight and 2am 10th April over night. Although a big foal, Maisie had no labour complications and is well in herself, the vet says the foal had died before labour had begun.

Maisie was fully examined early hours and we are thankful to have her come thru her ordeal as healthy as she could be, we can only cross our fingers that Molly and Faith have better luck

Little Update

Carrots 3Carrots looking fabulous today, now fully recovered and pain free from having his eye removed. He gives lots of cuddles.








Hope 4Hope is doing great, gaining weight and settled well.