Friday morning 3rd June, we received a call from the lovely Cheshire Equine Clinic as they had been called out to tend to a stray foal, found in a farmers field near Tattenhall. As the field had been sprayed with pesticides a local yard had taken him in and called the vet out to check him over and advise them what to do next, at which point we were called in to collect him.

We have no idea where he had come from or where his mummy was, whilst he was old enough at 3 or 4 months old to survive without his mummy, it was really heart braking to think he has just been snatched away from her, and he kept calling for her, bless him.

The quick thinking of the farmer and yard involved really had saved this little man and the actions of Cheshire Equine Clinic who had also kindly taken bloods from him to check for any signs of infectious diseases for us.

After his 2 week isolation period he was happy to be a play pal for baby Morgan. Now 2 yrs old, Rupert is in his forever family. (Photo on his arrival)