Ahoy there, Sailor needs you

Sailor arrived with us on Friday 21st April, crippled with laminitis after years of his feet being neglected (not by the lady who brought him to us).  Following x-rays it has been found that the amount of sole between the floor and his pedal bone is minimal.  He is currently on pain relief and has thick pads on his feet.  His vet bill is already very high and to get him thru this, with his pain meds, constant replacement pads and if we can stabilise the pedal bones, specialist rubber shoes, its going to be very costly.  He is a very sweet natured, gentle boy and even if he doesn’t come right enough to ride, we just want him to be able to live a pain free life, with our other retirees.


One of his feet have deteriorated today so our fabulous vet Luke is making a last attempt to save him tomorrow, by cutting thru the deep flexor tendon on his bad leg, to release the strain and hopefully most of the pain, this isn’t cheap and the cost of regularly redressing will be a big cost too, he is totally worth it but we desperately need your help and support to get us thru this time, as we are still paying off the bill for Saffy and Mojos colic surgeries. If you can donate even a small amount, please go to our donate page where there are several options how to do this. Thank you

Cakes Cakes Cakes

We would like to thank Selwyn Building Services for the kind donation of £36.51 raised from their cake sale.

Co-Op support

We have been chosen as one of the local charities by CO-OP that you can support. 1{6a58d31d3c5a0a8c6a8185d433f901ea3d6300a08925ea4c531ce37ae37d0426} of what you spend will come to us if you select us as your chosen charity between April and October 2017. Also you get 5{6a58d31d3c5a0a8c6a8185d433f901ea3d6300a08925ea4c531ce37ae37d0426} reward back,  join up today or if already a member, make us your chosen charity. https://assets.membership.coop.co.uk/causes-mgmt/toolkit/email-footer.jpg?_ga=1.88040414.794657487.1491396770



We were very sorry to hear of the tragedy in New Ferry on Saturday 25th March, and hoped for everyone to get out safely. Whilst we knew it was mainly commercial properties effected, we knew some local residences would be effected by evacuations, while building safety was established. Therefore, we offered our services free of charge, to temporarily house any family pets effected, so those effected had one less thing to worry about.

Our first call was from the police to pick up a small dog (Charlie), who came out of one of the worst hit houses. With the unexplained explosion, the area was cordoned off while investigations took place, but there were lots of pets still in the properties, scared and hungry. We were allowed in and assisted by the fire brigade and police, to put food, water and humane traps down.  With 15 cats needing food and water, we worked with their owners and the emergency services to ensure they got fed, bringing out what we could if they let us catch them.

Two weeks on and there are still 2 cats we have been unable to catch, one is a local stray so we hope he has that survival instinct and finds the food and water we are putting down for both cats. We will continue to look for them, putting food and water down as long as we have reports of sightings in the area. We would like to thank everyone who has made donations of food, bowls etc its been an overwhelming response. We have rescued one dog and one cat who both needed veterinary treatment and are doing well.