HEIGHT: 14.2hh
COLOUR: Scewbald

We brought Little Bertie (40yo), Magic (18yo) and Molly (28yo) into the sanctuary, on 15th August 2019 as their owner could no longer care for them. Due to their owner struggling to care for them, they have not received any Veterinary care for some time and although not in horrendous condition, having been on a nice grassy field, all 3 do required some TLC, passports and microchips

Molly has the saddest eyes we have seen for a long time, at 28 years old, is maintaining her weight, but along with uneven fat distribution, a long coat and recurrent hoof abscesses, again she is ticking the boxes for also suffering with Equine PPID, more commonly referred to as Cushing’s disease, so again will need blood tests and then life long medication, to improve her quality of life. She also has lice and sweetitch.

Molly required Veterinary Treatment on scene, before we could even entertain moving her, as due to her latest hoof abscess causing excruciating pain, she could only stand on 3 legs, making it unsafe to travel her. The lovely Caroline from RD Owen Equine Vets attended, drained her abscess, poulticed her hoof and gave her a strong dose of pain relief to get her home, she is much more comfortable now. We will continue to poultice her hoof, provide pain relief and work with our farriers and vet until Molly is fully recovered.