Roma, named by his rescuers, as he was found “roaming”, is a rising 3yo, colt.

Roma is underweight, matted and crawling with lice, but as you can see also arrived with a huge abcess on his shoulder.

Our amazing vet Helen arrived shortly after he did, to drain his abcess and I’m sure he is feeling much better to be rid of what had obviously been there for months and months.

Roma will now receive all the care he needs to put his weight on, have a good groom and de-louse and be gelded as soon as possible, but most of all he will be showered with love and affection, he is a really sweet little boy.

Huge thank you to his rescuers for keeping him safe, to Helen for being on hand so quickly and our amazing Joel as always.

Please consider a donation towards Roma’s care, even £1 all adds up. Bank and PayPal details are below, but if you prefer to donate another way, please just ask. As always you can contact our supplier Stuart Jones and order him some feed, he is having conditiong cubes, fibre beet and chaff, or you can make a payment direct to Leahurst Equine Practice of you prefer.