I would like to introduce you to Alice (in wonderland) and Annie (the sun will come out tomorrow). As you all know, we are committed to supporting the welfare of the Carneddau Mountain Ponies, who are all having a really good Winter so far, even with the snow challenges, but these 2 older ladies were spotted looking rather thin and weak, so their guardians made a plan, to get them off the mountain for us to collect and give them the extra care they need. Alice’s condition score is currently zero (minus her belly), but, as you can see from the photo, the cause is very evident, she has parrot mouth and with no equine dental technician’s in their wild home, her back teeth have grown in all sorts of directions until she can no longer chew. This is totally fixable, especially with our amazing Vet Luke, who is exceptional at dealing with these little Wildie’s, so she will be on the road to recovery very soon and Annie isn’t as poor, but as an older mare will likely need her teeth doing and a little MOT too.


Our beautiful, sweetheart, Mollie, suffered a heart attack, passing away instantly, having celebrated her 36th Birthday just a few days ago 😢😢😢😢😢

Not only are we devastated, but her husband, Nelson, is heart broken, licking her and nudging her for a while after 😢😢 once he left her side we turned him out with one of their next door neighbours, where he settled, until the crematorium arrived and he has been shouting after her ever since, truly heart wrenching to see.

Mollie had a rough start in life and even 25 years in a good home before us had never completely healed her mental scars, but she had blossomed since arriving here and had a fabulous few months, we have loved every minute with her ❤

Big thank you to the team here at the time, also to our lovely vet, Luke, for being on the end of the phone and Whitley Brook Crematorium for their sympathetic treatment, as always xxx