facebook_1458689231338Yesterday we seized 3 ponies from abandonment after we had placed an abandonment notice on their field and no owner responded, this followed on from a much larger Charity seizing 3 from the same field on welfare grounds.

They were seen by one of our fabulous vets Luke, when they arrived and all 3 found to be in foal and near enough full term, Faith and Maisie are healthy young ladies but poor Molly (Pictured) is tiny, in foal to a cob stallion, aged mid to late 20s and has symptoms and bloods consistent with a very serious condition called Hyperlipidemia.

Hyperlipidemia has an up to 70{6a58d31d3c5a0a8c6a8185d433f901ea3d6300a08925ea4c531ce37ae37d0426} mortality rate and is even more risky with age and pregnancy so we need to monitor poor Molly for the slightest change at all times.



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