Ahoy there, Sailor needs you

Sailor arrived with us on Friday 21st April, crippled with laminitis after years of his feet being neglected (not by the lady who brought him to us).  Following x-rays it has been found that the amount of sole between the floor and his pedal bone is minimal.  He is currently on pain relief and has thick pads on his feet.  His vet bill is already very high and to get him thru this, with his pain meds, constant replacement pads and if we can stabilise the pedal bones, specialist rubber shoes, its going to be very costly.  He is a very sweet natured, gentle boy and even if he doesn’t come right enough to ride, we just want him to be able to live a pain free life, with our other retirees.


One of his feet have deteriorated today so our fabulous vet Luke is making a last attempt to save him tomorrow, by cutting thru the deep flexor tendon on his bad leg, to release the strain and hopefully most of the pain, this isn’t cheap and the cost of regularly redressing will be a big cost too, he is totally worth it but we desperately need your help and support to get us thru this time, as we are still paying off the bill for Saffy and Mojos colic surgeries. If you can donate even a small amount, please go to our donate page where there are several options how to do this. Thank you

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