Sorry, I am behind with the news. I am very busy at the moment in my full time work and with the charity. So a quick catch up for you as follows.

Nov 28


Copper is coming on amazingly and fancies himself as a jumping pony. He has been having a play in the school tonight with his best friend Bertie, a proper bromance has blossomed between these young boys and they love playtimes.

Also included an up to date photo of Coppers tail, so you can all see how amazing its healed

Nov 26


Molly spent the afternoon with her Uncle Luke at Leahurst Equine Practice, where he removed a broken tooth that had been giving her some trouble and obviously for some time, as it was that rotten and infected under the tooth that its left an opening, connecting right up to her sinus.

Luke also found further fractured teeth and problems, thanks to the camera being able to take a closer look, but decided it wasnt in her best interests to put her thru anymore today.

He has cleaned and packed the hole where her tooth was and hopes that it will heal over of it’s own accord, if not he will have to try and come up with another plan, he will be re-cleaning and packing the hole weekly for the foreseeable future and she is on pain relief and antibiotics.

Molly is a very stoic pony, who has obviously been in some considerable discomfort for sometime, but you wouldn’t know it, even tonight shes happy and well, you wouldn’t know she had a big hole in her mouth, shes such a real sweetheart

Nov 23


This morning our beautiful Biscuit sadly had to be put to sleep, due to very sudden onset of colic. She was 35 years old, completely blind and bow legged too, but the toughest and sweetest pony you could meet. We were present when the colic started and our lovely vet Luke was present within minutes and on rectal examination could feel that something serious was wrong, either a twisted gut or displacement, so we very quickly ended her suffering.

Biscuit was very much a favourite amongst the team, so there has been much heart break and tears here today.

On a personal note, Biscuit was a pony Amy rode and loved as a child at Barnston Riding Centre nearly 30 years ago, her first riding instructor incidentally was her owner and a lovely bloke who, along with his family owned her right up until she came to us due to unfortunate circumstances and we have always kept in touch and been visited, so this has been a particularly hard loss for Amy and her mum to take, but she was well loved by many people and at least we could end her suffering very swiftly.

She will forever carry a special place in our hearts

Jan 18


This week we finally decided that Jolene had made enough progress, learning to trust us human folk, to give it a go doing her teeth. We were quite surprised at what our lovely vet Helen found. Apart from huge ‘fang looking’ hooks and alot of cheek ulceration from sharp edges, for a mid-teen pony, who has never seen a dentist, her actual tooth quality is very good, no fractures, or infection.

In the wild, ponies eat a selection of grasses, shrubbery, wild flowers and even barks, which help maintain their teeth better than the average grass and hay diet supplied to domestic ponies and it really is a learning curve, when we get to see these things up close and personal.

The hooks are too large to file down in one go and will take several visits over 9-12 months to correct, but it’s another step on her road to recovery. We also performed another worm egg count, which has come back at 922, not as reduced as we would like, but less than half what it was and heading in the right direction. It’s quite common to take a while to reduce worm burdens in emaciated ponies, purely due to their overall health and ability to fight against pesky parasites, so we are happy with any reduction. She will be wormed and heavily monitored again this week.

Shes bright eyed and bushy tailed, even been out for walks and around the school, while Tinkerbell does what babies do best and run around silly in the school too

Jan 1


Congratulations to all finalists.

There was only 4 points between the three vets, the closest we have ever had.


As you can imagine Winter is a lot busier, with all horses in not only are we busier with feeds, mucking out etc we are busier fundraising for the extra expenses. Our team have also been busy training the youngsters. Amy our chair has been poorly and the team have really stepped up, so she has less to worry about letting her get the rest the doctor ordered.

We have also started organising the Open Day May 24th, so save the date. I hope to keep up with the news for you going forward, but please bare with me if I get a bit behind.

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