We have had quite a busy week, starting with the arrival of Beauty, a visit from the vet for her, to make her mouth more comfortable, as she couldn’t eat hay.

Our fab farrier Tom Clothier Farrier out doing a bit of remedial work on our gentle giant, George, these fully round shoes are called egg bars and are used to support horses with navicular. If your horse or pony needs remedial work, talk to Tom, he works well with our residents, alongside our vets, isn’t afraid of trying new things and doesn’t over charge.

Our amazing dentist Lee Shakeshaft checked all the oldies teeth ready for Winter and Chalky and his mum, Gracey had the full works ready for their new home, with their sister and daughter Betsy.

The arrival of a new bunny.

Filly found her forever home.

Barney bunny found himself his forever home.

Then Today the arrival of the very handsome Donnie, due his owners poor health.

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