It is with great sadness, that we bring the devastating news, of our final goodnight kiss with the beautiful Molly.

As you all know Molly has been poorly and receiving Veterinary care for months. As we thought we were finally getting somewhere, Molly deteriorated a week ago, but remained stable, until last night. When we went to give Molly her 11pm medication Saturday night, it was obvious she was struggling, so we called our lovely Helen of Leahurst Equine Practice out to her.

She had a high temperature, so was given medication to lower this and she almost instantly perked up, but as Sunday went on, it was obvious to us that she didn’t want to fight anymore and Sunday evening Helen was called back to end her suffering. Not before the volunteers queuing up for kisses, cuddles and to stuff her full of juicy apples, having been on a restricted diet for so long.

There really are no words big enough to describe what a beautiful soul Molly was, such a gentle being and a firm favourite amongst the team, she will be terribly missed by everyone.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep up with your equines dental care, everything Molly has been through stemmed from a simple fractured tooth, that was never tended to, left to rot and cause massive infection over a period of years, an infection that in the end, her body could no longer cope with.

Molly is not a pony who was purposefully neglected by her former owner, she was loved, but unfortunately the finances weren’t available for the care she so badly needed. At least one dental check up per year, 2-4 in geriatrics, needs to be part of all Equine owners budgeting.

Let’s not let Molly’s memory die, let’s keep Molly’s memory alive by sharing her story and encouraging all owners to make an annual appointment with a BAEDT registered, Equine Dental Technition. A £40-£50 visit per year, could save your horses life.

Find a qualified, insured and registered Equine Dental Technician here http://www.baedt.com/members_5357.html

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