A Very Poorly Pollyanna

Tuesday night our beautiful Pollyanna was taken ill suddenly with colic, following 2 vet visits, she was admitted to the Philip Leverhulme Equine Hospital, shortly before 1am wednesday morning, along with her life long companion Finlay.

As with the previous 2 vet visits, she stabilised after medication was administered, however, when the medication wore off, she deteriorated again and we were called to say she was going into surgery, so we rushed to Leahurst to sit with Finlay, while she was operated on.

The team of a amazing vets are taking her into surgery now and have no idea what they will find, so can’t give us any idea of outcome, so please say a prayer and cross your fingers, that surgery will be successful and our amazing little girl, that you all know and love, will make a full recovery.


5.5 hours of surgery later and she is awake and standing, the vets didn’t think she would survive the surgery due to her main artery rupturing and then the anaesthetist didn’t think she would come round from the anaesthetic, having been under so long and the massive blood loss, but she has defied all odds, she is very very cold, so being warmed up and receiving blood and fluids, she is very much still critical, but several vets, 2 anaesthetists and all other surgical staff have worked really hard, against all odds to save our special girl, we can’t thank them enough and now just hope she has the strength to pull thru, she is receiving very intensive care, with a resident vet staying with her and the practice vets and staff that we spend a lot of time with have all been fabulous too, checking in on Finlay, Shaun and Amy, we really are very lucky to have such an amazing facility, right on our doorstep. 

Tuesday 22nd

Up and walking, doing better than expected, but still very much critical, please keep praying for her. She was pleased to have her first nibble of grass last night too, so good to see, but we are being told it’s still very much 50/50, she’s needs all the help she can get.

Saturday 25th

POLLYANNA is still fighting and each day looking more comfortable, she is very much still critical, but with each day, we become more hopeful, tonight her temperature had risen to the higher end of normal, so the awesome team at The Philip Leverhulme Equine Hospital are closely monitoring that, for any changes.

It is inevitable after the surgery she has had, that some sort of infection will occur, so she has been on 3 types of antibiotics all along, however, there is always the possibility of infection, even with the antibiotics, but she is in the best place to deal with that. For now she is happy, eating, drinking, walking, toileting and that’s the best we can hope for, so far.

Sunday 26th

Now off her IV fluids and looking happier again, just a little cold after being for a walk in the rain.







Monday 27th

She is bright as a button today and got her cheeky head back on, waiting at the door for her sloppy feeds and grabbing at Amy and Shaun’s legs for attention. Whilst it’s lovely to see everything looking positive, she still has a very long way to go. We have set up a donation page to help towards her vet fees, if you spare a few pounds we would really appreciate it, surgery alone was just under £5,000 and with after care we are expecting this to rise to over £8000  you can use the Donate button on our home page or find other ways on our Donate page. Thank you.



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