Horse Sense Wirral was founded in 2009 by Chair Amy Pirie following the very public rescue of a neglected old pony named Herbie in 2007.  Herbie was totally emaciated and crawling with lice and maggots, Amy rescued him assisted by other Equine and Welfare professionals.  Following his rescue Amy began to receive more and more phone calls asking for help with other neglected, abandoned and unwanted ponies, so she drew on the support of like minded people and experts to form what is today Horse Sense Wirral.

Things rapidly changed from winter 2012 for Amy and husband Shaun.  Horse Sense Wirral went from a permanent 6 residents on one site to the current 32 across 2 sites. Both sites are rented but we maintain all fencing/repairs ourselves and our Wallasey site has no water on the land, meaning daily trips with several 25 gallon drums of water to keep up with the current needs. With Amy & Shaun both working full time to cover 95{6a58d31d3c5a0a8c6a8185d433f901ea3d6300a08925ea4c531ce37ae37d0426} of running costs and having the horses and both sites to look after,it became apparent help was needed.

On receiving charity status in May 2013, the charity is rapidly growing with a dedicated team of volunteers, on the day to day running of looking after the horses and on the administration side of things.

To follow more regular updates you can find us on Facebook, add Herbert Pirie (Horse Sense Wirral)

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