Aged Ponies

All too often, ourselves, along with other welfare organisations hear the excuse “he/she is just OLD”, OLD is not longer a valid excuse for a thin/poor horse.

Mandy June 15

With good dentistry and nutrition your OLD horse can look this good, we do have to review her feeds more often than any other horse and she has more regular dental appointments along with regular cushings tests and Prascend dose adjustments when necessary and she looks this good all year round!!!

We asked our Facebook followers to guess Mandy’s age, they ranged from 20-30 yrs old. Mandy is a healthy 34 year old.

Please if you have an old horse you are struggling with and think you have ran out of ideas, ask …….. ask us, your vet, a nutritionist, we have all had multiple experiences with OLD horses and we know they are individual but let us help you, to help them, have as a good a life in old age as humanly possible.

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