AGE: 19yo
HEIGHT: 10hh
BREED: Shetland x Cross Welsh

We brought Little Bertie (40yo), Magic (18yo) and Molly (28yo) into the sanctuary, on 15th August 2019 as their owner could no longer care for them. Due to their owner struggling to care for them, they have not received any Veterinary care for some time and although not in horrendous condition, having been on a nice grassy field, all 3 do required some TLC, passports and microchips.

Magic is a cheeky little madam, was obese and been suffering with Laminitis, suggestive of her suffering from Equine Metabolic Syndrome, this requires blood tests to confirm and possibly a course of medication, normally given in diabetics, along with a strict diet in order to get her in to a more healthy state, to give her many more years, she also had lice.

Now treated and in better condition Magic is out with a small herd making new friends.

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