Banjo update

Banjo in Leahurst





Last week Banjo was re-admitted to Leahurst following his castration in March not going to plan, in order to locate a missing testicle. Banjo’s surgery didn’t go so well,  after 5 different incisions no testicle was found and he was in allot of pain, what this means is that once he is recovered he will need a more invasive operation to locate the testicle now presumed to be around his kidney rather than in his abdomen.

After a minor heart murmur Banjo was kept in for an extra two days. He has already lost so much condition being stabled so long so we really don’t want him to wait any longer than he has too but with our vet bill in the region of £3000 currently and Chalky also needing rig surgery we are really struggling, please consider what you can do to help.

Banjo after op

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