Benitez scores a home goal

Two weeks ago Amy (Founder of Horse Sense) was worried going into winter. With this years intake and huge vet bills the usual money put aside for winter food was zero. This left us worrying if we could continue our work with the horses.

Our spirits were uplifted with our first grant from Support adoption for pets, and their wonderful donation to build much needed stables. And the fantastic local support of donations and sacks of food and 200 bales of hay from the lovely Joanne Bird. However with our outgoings expected to be in the region of £2000 per month over the winter, and a balance of over £2000 outstanding with the vet, feet and worming needing doing and medication for those ponies on permanent meds, things looked grim.

That’s why we owe a massive thank you to The Montse Benitez Foundation for presenting us with a cheque this evening in order to clear our remaining £2,219.38 vet bill after Squeak and Jules’ surgery and Bobbie and Pollyanna’s illnesses and also huge thanks for giving us another start for winter by purchasing us 100 sacks of pony nuts, we so so appreciate it, it gives a good start heading into winter and a bit of piece of mind not having a huge vet bill hanging over our heads. This donation really has put us in a good position going into winter, and we can now look forward.

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