Blue’s and Too’s go into Leahurst Equine Hospital

B&T Leahurst

Day 1. Both girls have been impeccably behaved all day and settled well into their lovely huge stable at Leahurst Equine Practice as you can see here they are slowly gaining weight but hopefully following this week of worm treatment we should start seeing an even more dramatic weight gain in the following weeks once the nasty parasites are all gone.

Day 2. The girls have settled very well in their holiday home at Leahurst Equine Practice and have now been taken off Antibiotics and pain relief, in fact their lovely Vet Andrea has decided they are doing so well that they should be okay without the steroids that were a provisional plan, they are however, passing huge amounts of worms so she, along with the excellent team up there will be keeping a good close eye on the girls but so far Andrea is very happy with their progress.

Day 3. Today the girls have had their dose of tape wormer, when tested they showed high levels of tape worm so we anticipated if they were going to have problems it would be today/tomorrow. 

When we visited them earlier they were both seeming a bit ‘down in the dumps’ Toos more so and when their Vet Andrea did her last check before going home she also felt they weren’t their usual selves, so she stayed late and along with the evening staff popped the girls into the hospital for a good check over which revealed that Toos’ heart rate is rather on the high side, this can be an early indication of colic so the staff are now keeping an extra close eye on her and both girls have been given steroids to support them through this latest battle. 

It could just be that its an extra hard struggle for such a poor young lady to clear all these worms and on the positive side she did get a little excited when crossing the yard to the hospital but just in case Andrea and I have had the conversation as to what action to take if Toos does colic and we have consented to any intervention required which could be anything from an ultrasound to see what the pesky worms are doing to full colic surgery to remove the worms, we hope it wont get to that stage but having a plan of action in place will save time if the worst should happen.

This is exactly why the decision was taken for the girls to go up to Leahurst for their worming treatment as we know everything they could possibly want and need is right on hand and they are in the very best place possible, if you are so inclined please say a little prayer for Toos that she is just having a little struggle and will feel much better by morning.

You will also all be delighted to know that Blues 2 part pregnancy test has come back negative so she can concentrate on just getting better herself .

Day 4. The girls are doing great and eating well. Providing everything is ok tomorrow the girls will come home. Now they have been wormed the weight should go on and we will see a huge difference over the coming weeks.

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