Yesterday we had a super busy day, with both of our dentists Robin and Lee here for the day, to check everyone’s toothy pegs, Farrier Paul in the afternoon to give Coco a pedicure and Vets Luke and Jo here in the afternoon for Molly’s surgery and Carrots microchip.

Later this year the law is changing and ALL equines have to be microchipped, most already are, however, those with passports pre-microchips, are needing to be done, so we are doing one or two at each vet visit, so we are all done in plenty of time for the law changes.

Molly’s surgery didn’t go quite to plan, as the sinusitis wasn’t present where we expected, so Luke had to hunt around for it. Horses have several Sinus pockets and it’s possible that with Molly the problem is in one of the smaller, harder to access pockets, but Luke decided to stop where he was, rather than put her through anymore in one day and devised a tube system for me to flush thru each day, in hope that will flush everything out, if not, he will need to make another hole and try again. He will be seeing her again on Friday, so we will keep you posted.

Whilst this looks very daunting, Molly is really bright and happy today, there has also been a good improvement in her laminitis, so we feel that we are finally heading towards health with Molly, which she so deserves, it’s hard to put in to words quite what a pleasure Molly is, she is a real sweet old lady, loved by everyone who meets her.

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