Carrock The ITV Film Star and Her Friend Taffy







On February 5th we received over 200 messages about 2 ponies being threatened with abandonment. Our first thought was we are full, and the photos we received showed both in good condition. As always we don’t just leave it there, we contacted several people connected with the ponies to get the facts, and advise if we cant help. It soon came to light, the photos where old and both ponies in poor condition. Carrock is 30yrs old and Taffy 16 yrs old, both put on social media sites as “FREE TO GOOD HOME” . Naturally people where concerned for the ponies falling into  the wrong hands and not receiving the care they need. After getting more precise information we decided the best for the ponies welfare was to bring them in, as Emergency Admissions.

After a couple of days to settle in, they had pamper and deosect (lice treatment) administered , amazingly Carrock already looks to have gained some weight and Taffy who was very timid when collected was even brave enough to have a little rug on 

As it turns out, Carrock, starred in the ITV FILM, ‘Good Night Mister Tom’ back in 1998, as ‘Dobbs’, Toms horse, played by the late John Thaw. It’s amazing to think how her life has changed over the years, to end up being a late night, emergency admission to our Charity, some 21 years later.

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