Hey, my name is Cerys, some of you may remember that I was very sick earlier this year with copper poisoning from my “sheep” food and the vets had little hope of me surviving, but thank’s to you lovely lot clubbing together to buy me some magic tablets and Mum spending many days and nights syringe feeding me liquid food, water and giving me jam butties I pulled thru. Mum says I ate my magic tablets like a really good girl, I don’t remember seeing them, the jam butties were good tho ;0)

My liver and kidneys were damaged pretty bad and the vet said it would take a long time for them to recover, in the mean time my poops were very liquid for months, so Mum still had to keep making sure I stayed hydrated, but my poops are normal now and my liver and kidneys are working propers again.

I love my Mum and always first to see her and follow her around looking for a jam butty, but she stopped giving me them when my magic pills ran out, for some reason, I miss my jam butties.

Recently, the vet that saw me the day I collapsed, was visiting one of this year’s lambs and she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw me, she thought for sure that I couldn’t be made better, she said I’m the first she has seen survive being so sick, but I tried to tell her that my Mum wouldn’t give up!!!!

I am 18 months old now and my sister, Dolly and I are having great fun, watching this year’s little ones grow, the little boy, Arwel, can get a bit big for his boots sometimes, but Dolly soon tells him to behave, not many sheep’s get to live a safe life, like we do and we are grateful to all of you, who make it possible.

Mum is great, but she can’t do it with out all of my Aunties, Uncles and donations, donations are running very short at the moment and all of us here eat more food and use more bedding in the Winter months I’ve heard Mum panicking about a shortage of food too, this doesn’t sound too good, I have well over 100 brothers and sisters here and we needs our foods.

I think it would be a really good idea to buy loads of foods now, before it runs out, so it lasts us, but we don’t have enough donations, would you mind helping with donations please?? Anything you can afford would be a great help, it all adds up, we have a PayPal, which is: horsesensewirral@yahoo.com, but if you want to buy food and bring it to visit, that’s great too, just ask Mum what we needs, or you can buy foods from our Uncle Stuart Jones too, he takes BACS and PayPal payments, he knows what we all eats here and he brings foods to us every Wednesday and Saturday, he’s a pretty cool guy, although he did spoil my fun one day, when I was playing running offs, Mum was too slow, but he got me and carried me back to my paddock, I didn’t talk to him for a while, but then I remembered he brings the foods, so I join in giving him a shout when he arrives again now, our paddock is right next the gate on to the farm, so we get to greet all of the visitors, as long as it’s not raining, we don’t like to go outside in the rain, Mum says we are a bunch of spoilt princesses!!!!

Anyhow, it’s 2am and I really should be asleeps, I’m keeping the kids up, so I will have to logoffs for now, please see if you can spare us some pennies and ask your friends too, we really, really needs it please.

Much loves from


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