Chalkie and Betsy are reunited

Chalkie and Betsy (Brother and Sister) had to be separated when they arrived. Chalkie was attire and needed gelding, and Betsy was still feeding from Gracie. With Chalkie’s operation going well, we were able to rehome him pretty quickly after his op. With Betsy, we left her with Gracie for a few weeks for them to settle in before separating them. At first Betsy called out to her mum, who was stabled behind her but she settled well and got lots of attention. Betsy loves kisses and responded well to human contact, so we decided because Chalkies new loner wanted to take Betsy too, it was best for her to let her go so they could play together. Chalkie and Betsy love each other, so it was hard to separate them at first, but for their own good it had to be done.  The photos are of them reunited in their forever home, giving lots of kisses. I’m sure these two are going to have lots of fun together.

Chalkie and Betsy Reunited

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