Chico and Tonto Come Home

 Chico and Tonto Home
3rd March 2014




Chico and Tonto Came home today after 4 days at Leahurst Equine Hospital.  Chico was taken ill with colic and admitted to intensive care, where things were touch and go. The decision was made to take 15 year olds Chico and Tonto together having spent all their lives together , we didn’t want to risk Tonto getting colic with stress from the separation. Tests started on arrival and it wasn’t looking good for Chico, chair Amy Pirie made the call for a scan to be done, knowing this would be costly with possibly the same outcome of calling it a day for the little chap.  It proved to be a good call with a slim chance of hope. The boys are on our Leasowe site, were they had been all their lives prior to us taking them on after their owner became too ill to look after them. The site is very dry considering the amount of rain we have had, and its not too far from the coast. On doing a scan it was discoverer Chico’s gut was full of sand, with all the rain the sand had come to the surface. Samples were taken from Tonto and he too was showing sand in his stomach. Treatment was started immediately however Chico was critical, and chances of pulling through were low.  After 3 days there was marginal improvement in him, but he wasn’t out of the woods yet. Day 4 things were looking good, and the cheeky chap was starting to whinny as other horses passed by. By the end of the day all results were normal, he was starting to eat and was on the mend.


We have never been on sandy land before and had never heard of this potential killer.  Although this has cost Amy a lot of money it is a small price to pay for the return of the boys, and the knowledge we have learnt and can now forward on to others. There is treatment you can give horses to prevent this, and tests you can do yourself to check for sand in your horse.  Both boys are home and on box rest for a month or so, and we are keeping a close eye on them.

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