Coco gains trust again

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Massively proud day today – for the first time Coco was OK with the farrier. Coco arrived at the sanctuary about two months ago, terrified, basically unhandlable and with flipper-feet. She was so scared of things that she even freaked out when I was carrying a large carrot. Having her legs touched was a particular phobia for her, to the extent that she was even dangerous under sedation. We’ve been using positive reinforcement and clicker training, and she is now headcollarable, groomable, and farrierable (well front feet at least). It’s completely amazing how forgiving and accepting horses can be, despite all the things that happen to them – I can’t believe how brave she’s been to come so far, so soon. It’s massively humbling seeing how much can be done by guys like Horse Sense Wirral (Herbert Pirie) who see something that needs changing, so they change it! (Written by Tamzin Furtado)

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