Age: 1, Height: 10.2hh, Colour: Chestnut, Breed: Welsh Section A, Gelding

September 2019, we received a call about a feral colt that had been dumped in North Wales and we responded to see what we could do to help and it was agreed that we would take him on.

The local farmers had been monitoring his movements across the hills, in order to make a plan to round him up, these farmers are experts at rounding up wild ponies and had a plan in place to round him up on the Thursday, however, whilst monitoring him, they noticed he had a very serious injury to his dock, for those not horsey, this it the top part of his tail, in which his spine and other associated vitals run thru.

This injury was grossly infected and putting the pony, we named Copper life at risk, thru sepsis. We had also seen video footage of him amongst other wild ponies where they are all constantly swishing flies away with their tails, however, Copper didn’t have quite as forceful a swish.

Once rounded up, we took him straight for emergency care, with our amazing vets at Leahurst. We were please to learn the injury was not as severe as it looked, and was cleaned up and all the nasty tissue removed, exposing healthy flesh, which should now heal well, thankfully, best case scenario. Copper has locking patellas on both sides, although worse on his right. This should correct itself as he gains weight and muscle, so although looks dramatic, it’s not causing him any pain and should right itself fairly swiftly.

After a few days in the vets, Copper came home on isolation for a few weeks and has now been paired up with another youngster for company.