Diamond in the rough

DiamondYesterday a very special mare named Diamond by her saviours arrived, all the way from Yorkshire. Diamonds plight hit social media after a lady went to view her, to buy her for her husband and found her under weight, covered in rainscald and lice, a twisted hoof and abcess. She came over here from Ireland only about 8 weeks ago and is the grandaughter of King of Diamonds. A small group of horse lovers, from all over the country, very admirably made it their mission to get her into a safe home where she could get all the treatment she needed, they clubbed together to buy her and transport her here. She is a real gentle giant and has had her vet check where it was found that along with whats listed above she also has very sharp teeth, which will be taken care of ASAP. Thank you to everyone involved and of course our volunteers for making sure everything was ready for her.

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