Horse Sense Wirral relys entirely on public funding to care for our ever increasing number of unwanted, abandoned and neglected horses and ponies.  Every penny really does count as our avaerage monthly running costs are currently £1200 – £1600 a month and obviously the more we need to help, our costs dramatically rise.


There are several ways to donate:


Cheque – Made payeable to Horse Sense Wirral, addressed to 99 Ganneys Meadow Road, Woodchurch CH49 7NP


Wirral Animal Feed

As our Hay, Feed and Bedding supplier Wirral Animal feed are happy for you to order items for us directly from them Tel: 01902 937 637or call into Unit 6, Hastings House, Bridge Street, Birkenhead CH41 1AR


Vet Bills

We are always in need of the services of our lovely Vets at Leahurst Equine Practice and as such we always appreciate a helping hand with paying some of the very high bills we regularly receive.  To contribute towards our current or future bills you can call Nicky at the practice on: 0151 794 6199 and just let her know you would like to make a payment towards the Horse Sense Wirral account.

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