Height: 12hh
Age: 32yo
Colour: Black
Breed: Welsh Section A

Dusty is 30 yrs old, he came to us in June 2017 with 2 of his friends. It was a very sad day for a very well respected, loved, local horsey family, as they sadly found themselves parting with their 3 much loved equine family members, 2 of which had been part of the family for over 20/25 years. Both spent time, years apart at Barnston Riding Centre, under Brendas care.

Unfortunately life hadn’t been very kind and it became clear that all the love in the world and probably over 100 years collective experience, was no longer enough to meet the needs of ageing ponies.

The family had done everything in their power to care for the ponies and the fact that they are still with us and with full mouths of teeth, is testament to the care they have received over the years.

He is a really sweet old boy who Biscuit relies heavily on to be her eyes. Dusty is a greying 30yo and apart from knackered ligaments in his hind legs, he is ageing well. The ligaments dont stop him having a happy retirement, but do mean that he can no longer be ridden.

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