Monday morning 3rd May 2021, Amy received a message, that a Carneddau foal, had become unwell, the Carneddau volunteer vet Ellie, had checked her over and found her to be very dehydrated and scouring, so we headed straight down to collect her and mum. Now named China and India, thanks to a comment on one of Gareths posts, that we should “drive carefully, bone China on board”

Our lovely vet Helen was here as soon as we arrived and on investigation, confirmed that China was very dehydrated, due to India looking like she has milk, but not actually producing it for baby to drink, tests confirmed that at 2 weeks old, China has received no colostrum and clearly India was drying up. Helen gave China a plasma transfusion, which was repeated in the next morning too. She also tubed mares milk replacer directly into her tummy and administered antibiotics. Baby China was soon quietly resting under a heat lamp, in her new jarmas, warming up nicely.

We will hand rear China with mares milk replacer every 2 hours, but let mummy India still be mummy. She needs a lot of love, support, hopes and prayers, whilst we can do all this for her, there are no guarantees that she will pull through, so she needs everyone to cheer her on.

As always, we would really appreciate any financial contributions, towards her veterinary care (plasma transfusions aren’t cheap) and her milk (£50 a bag 😳), every penny really does help ❤ Bank and PayPal details on Donation page or just giving button on Home page xx

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