We are hosting an Equine First Aid Course, Saturday 5th January, 2-5.30pm at Thronton Hough Village Hall, with the lovely Helen Braid of Leahurst Equine Practice, involving practical skills, as well as theory.

Helen joined the Leahurst team back in January 2018 and is very keen to get to know everyone, she is really lovely and very enthusiastic about equine welfare and together we believe courses like this, will help improve equine welfare, but also give you the tools you need, to deal with an emergency situation, whilst waiting for your vet. We all know that it’s seems like forever when you are waiting for your vet, especially since they don’t have blue lights and sirens, but if we can give you the tools you need to stop/slow a bleed, relieve pressure/tension, to make your horse as comfortable as possible, in any situation, it should help to keep you a little less frazzled.

Helen is not just a vet but also a lecturer at The University of Liverpool, so is used to teaching large numbers of people, about many, many aspects of veterinary medicine, so although she has her lesson plan in mind, she is open to suggestions, if anyone has a specific illness/injury they would like her to talk about/demonstrate please comment and I will pass it on.

Tickets are limited, in order to make sure everyone gets the best out of the course and to allow space in the hall, for the practical tasks, so please book ASAP, they are on a first paid, first served basis, tea/coffee and cake included.

We are bringing this course to you, at the bargain price of £10 per person!!!!! To book, please pay via PayPal: horsesensewirral@yahoo.com and put “First Aid” in the notes please. Or ask us for other methods of payment.

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