FAITH and ALEX one year on









A year ago Alex Duke started here as a volunteer, she spent her life looking at the floor and only really speaking to give one word answers, a quiet little mouse she was.

On 22nd March 2016 we seized Faith under UK Abandonment Legislation, totally emaciated, only 3 years old and full term ready to give birth to her baby boy, Morgan. This was the first welfare case that Alex attended with us and one she will never forget.

What I forgot to mention, is that when Alex joined us, she had never had anything to do with horses but, she learned very quickly and became an invaluable asset to the team, volunteering 7 days a week, with a very rare exception and she also found her voice and opinion and now we cant shut her up 🙂

From day one Faith was the sweetest mare and having a special place in Alex’s heart, their bond grew and grew, Alex now has Faith on full loan here and this week has backed her and we couldn’t be more proud of the progress they have both made together in the last year.

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