Fi fi needs your help

Fifi in Leahurst Equine Hospital Intensive Care

Fifi was signed over to the sanctuary on Thursday 2nd October 2014.

Fifi was in a terrible state with sarcoids, over grown feet and was unable to lift her tail resulting in a mass of infected sores all around her back end. As we were passing Leahurst Equine Hospital to take her to the sanctuary, it was decided to ring ahead and get her straight in for veterinary attention.

The vets cleaned her up gave her antibiotics and made her as comfortable as possible. Fifi had been grazing in a cow field with very rich grass, so in order to prevent loose motions she was put on a hay only diet, and medication.

Everyone at the sanctuary fell in love with her immediately, she was so trusting despite what she has been through and the obvious pain she was living through.

On Sunday we were concerned she had a mild colic, presumed to be related to her medication for her injuries, so kept a close eye on her. Monday brought another story.

She was still not quite right so we called on our regular vet Elliot (Leahurst Vet) to come and have a look at her and in the 2 hours from making the call and Elliots arrival things had dramatically changed. She was dripping with sweat, had severe tremors and muscle spasms and unable to eat, Elliot swiftly diagnosed her with our worst nightmare, TETANUS.

After discussing through our 2 options of putting her to sleep or commencing vigorous treatment with medication working out to be just under £1000 per day including veterinary costs, we decided to give this little fighter every chance.

She is truly a beautiful girl inside and out who has been through so much, this will have been in her system before she even came to us so she will have been feeling effects all along, but still loved being fused and loved the attention.

Fifi is now in the best place possible, in a quiet area within the Equine Hospitals intensive care unit hooked up to allsorts of drips.

Tetanus is such a violent disease she has stopped sweating and trembling and is also now breathing normally, she is still very tucked up and cant eat due to lock jaw but was perky enough to say hello through her stable window, pictured here.

She is being very well cared for and has her own quiet little wing in intensive care, every noise is torture for her so she has ear plugs in and everyone is under strict instructions to be silent around her. She has 2 drips at the minute containing fluids and glucose to hydrate her and is having massive doses of anti-tetanus and antibiotics every couple of hours

So please please donate to help us help her …….click donate or PayPal to or donate direct to Leahurst (number on donate page) were you can remain anonymous if you wish.


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