Age: 7 years old
Height: 37inches high
Colour: Grey and white
Breed: Shetland

We received an emergency call out to a shetland pony cast in a field suspected to be colicing, on arrival the caller had managed to get him up and he seemed fine in himself but with us unable to locate an owner we called in the RSPCA for assistance, between us we decided after several hours that he was fine but the RSPCA would leave a note for the owner to contact them and they would also come change of shift 7am to check he was still doing okay, which he was.
However, the land owner made contact with us explaining that the shetland had been abandoned on his land nearly a year ago and was in fact being quite badly bullied by his much larger horses and having been told he is legally responsible he was worried for the safety of the pony if he stayed there.
After a chat with the land owner and the RSPCA officer the decision was taken to take him into the sanctuary as we considered him an immediate welfare concern, after already being stuck in the mud after presumably being chased there where the much bigger horses could have easily trampled him. He was caked in mud, had long feet, parasites and was very very nervous at just rising 2ish. The land owner however has been providing hay and water over winter so body condition wise he was doing very well.
We treated him for his worms and lice, had his feet and teeth done and most importantly had him castrated, he has also been microchipped and passported.

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