Today was our annual MOT day for our older residents. The lovely Becky of Leahurst equine practice has been out and taken annual blood tests from our old dears to check for cushings or to check that the treatment they are already on for cushings is still effective and she was made up how well everyone is.

She also checked how Lady’s foot was progressing and was very happy with it, she gave Gracey a once over to check her milk is drying up nicely and after Fantasias false start over the weekend she gave her a good looking over and is hopeful that we have another week or 2 before her baba will show it self, so all looking good at Saughall Massie at the minute.

At Wallasey both Banjo and Chalky are recovering from their rig surgeries very well, but unfortunately little Chico is suffering a pretty nasty bout of Laminitis. We expected this would come at some point as he has a history of laminitis, but in order to tackle his on going colic troubles we have been having to keep him on fairly long grass, as set out by the vets, we had to tackle the colic first and just be ready to deal with these consequences when they came, after a couple of days of stable rest he is already looking much better.

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