Hope 2All 3 have now been seen by the Vet, Farrier and Dentist, not all the vets results are in yet but Hopes blood results came back consistent with a pony with malnutrition and muscle wastage, poor little Spartacus has a massive worm burden for such a little man so will need steroids to get him through his first wormer.

Hope and Tilly had their feet trimmed by one of our fab farriers Tom Clothier, but as Spartacus had been poorly the previous night and his baby feet aren’t desperate we decided not to stress him and wait till next week.

Our lovely Lee-Shakeshaft Edt examined Tillys teeth first, as she has barely been able to eat and found that several of her baby teeth had come loose, but with lack of any food to chew on to shift them, they had lodged in her gums causing a lot of pain for her, Hopes teeth were very, very sharp and Spartacus is too young for any dental work, but given his start in life, Lee just had a check that his teeth were developing as they should and now everyone should find eating much more pleasurable.

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