As you are all aware we closed to visitors some weeks ago, however, with the UK now in a Lockdown situation, we have had to implement further changes to how we operate, not only to fall in place with Government guidelines, but to keep our really amazing team of volunteers safe.


Since the Prime Ministers public address last night, we have introduced our Lockdown contingency plan, to install a full time team of 8 people, caring for the residents, all of whom have been provided with documents explaining why their travel is necessary should they be stopped and checked. Each person has their own dedicated group of residents that only they will care for their daily needs, keeping well away from other team members at all times.

Shared surfaces and tools were already being disinfected between use, gloves, hand wash and hand gel already provided and being kept on top of.


We have a small number of DIY grass liveries, to help us with funding. Some liveries have chosen to join the team caring for residents on a daily basis, others are staying away, while we will care for all horses on site, whether we own them or not, to keep everyone safe.


None of the volunteers have ever been full time here, 7 days a week and this is a huge undertaking for them, so we hope you will join us in acknowledging the effort and dedication shown by all of these unpaid heroes, for the benefit of the animals. Lots of people, understandably, want to avoid their paid jobs at the moment, never mind do it for free.


At this time we will only be attending/admitting life threatened cases, in order to conform with necessary travel and also to not overload our awesome team, when making a report please be prepared to provide exact locations and photographic evidence, so we can correctly prioritise.


As we cannot perform home checks, no animals will be available for rehoming during this time, but interest may be registered for when we can get back to normal.


Due to the travel ban, you are unable to drop off donations, or even cake for the team. However, now more than ever we need your support. Online deliveries are still taking place, if you would consider treating the small animals to treats and toys and the team to cakes and biscuits please.

Horsey supplies are a big concern, as our excellent supplier is already suffering shortages, we have several ponies who can’t eat hay/haylage/grass and therefore need their readi-grass, grass nuts, fibre beet and conditioning cubes. Shavings are also massively short in supply and we have several ponies who can only be stabled on shavings.

So we ask you please, to consider donating a bag of any of the above, by contacting our supplier Stuart Jones at Manor Farm Feed and Bedding in Greasby, directly to place and pay for an order and he will deliver directly to us, so we can make sure we have enough stock to get us through, should stocks completely run out.


Due to the lockdown, we are unable to get out to events to fundraise for key funds, for rent, feed bills, vet bills, farrier etc etc. We haven’t cancelled our Open Day as of yet, but it will likely come, not only taking away a crucial fundraising opportunity, but meaning we have to refund stall holders.

We also have an Easter Bonus Ball going on with a £300 cash prize, that again, we will have to refund, if people don’t play on the rest of the numbers.

So please consider a monetary donation or play the Easter Bonus Ball to help keep us going, we really are the peoples charity here, we rely on you, to help us support you.

Bank sort: 161614 account: 10375919


Due to our administrators working from home at the moment, we are not able to print Adoption Packs at this time.


As we will be very tied up here, we aren’t in a position to do as much in the community as we would like, however, we will endeavour to post lots of photos and videos on facebook for those of you locked indoors, to make your days a little brighter.


Massive thank you to all of our supporters, team and experts, whilst this is a big transition, it is one we were well planned for and with your help, we can make it thru. Thank you xxx

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