To the amazing team at Support Adoption for Pets, Pets at Home, particularly our partner store, Wallasey and all of their supporters and customers, who all make it possible for Support Adoption for Pets, to help charities, like us, make a huge difference to the lives of unwanted, neglected or abandoned animals.

You, our supporters, will be well aware, that we have had huge struggles this year, from unexpected and significant vet bills, like when the awesome team at Leahurst saved Pollyanna’s life, against all odds. We have battled with food and bedding bills from the beginning of the year, being wetter than normal and then the Summer being dryer than normal, adding huge costs to our usual outgoings.

We have spent many a day wondering how on earth we would carry on, but those who know and support us, know that we would do anything for the animals, including going without ourselves.

We can breath a little, thanks to a lovely grant, for a whopping £15,000!!!!! This grant is to be used to pay outstanding vet and supplier bills and will put us in a much better place. Our current monthly running costs are in the region of £8000 per month, so we still need our supporters to donate if they can, adopt a pony/sheep/bunny, attend our sales and events, buy our auction items and share our posts, every small gesture adds up to making a big difference to the lives of defenceless animals.

Thank you so much Support Adoption for Pets, Pets at Home and all of our truly fabulous supporters.

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