Huge Thank You to Support Adoption for Pets

We are so excited to announce that Support Adoption for Pets have approved our latest grant application, and some. They are an amazing charity who help all creatures great and small. The team themselves are really lovely and supportive people which always gives an extra special touch whether it be when they visit or call with good news. After a few massive vet bills at the beginning of the year, with 2 colic surgeries and cremation costs for the lovely Fantasia on top of the normal bills, we have been playing catch up since.
We applied a few months ago for help towards the outstanding vet bill, a second hand industrial washing machine for cleaning our hundreds of rugs and a Paddock Sweeper. SAFP have granted all 3 wishes with the exception of a Brand New Washer. The Paddock Sweeper has several uses, but our main one will be poo picking the 43 acres. With over 50 horses currently in and on average 12-16 droppings each per day, it is back breaking and never ending with wheel barrows and poop scoops. It is important the fields are kept on top of as flies lay eggs on the grass and can then be eaten and that then leads to the horses getting a worm burden, which can cause them to lose weight and become ill.
Therefore this grant not only relieves the pressure of the outstanding vet bill, it will save us a lot of money washing and reproofing all our rugs but most importantly it will keep our horses safe and well with the sweeper, thank you so, so much SAFP.

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