Huge Thank you’s to

VALE BALE – Who very kindly donated us 5 bales of their beautiful hay to try, via our supplier. Its come in very handy for a pony we have had to change management with, as his Equine Asthma is progressing, he also has a history of laminitis on haylage, but also of dropping weight if on soaked hay, these bales have been the perfect answer for us.

BRAVE PANTS – Who not only makes our beautiful rosettes at cost for our online shows, but are also donating the most beautiful trophies for our Christmas Bonanza Show.

IRBY PET SHOP – Who after being a victim of crime set up a Just Giving to raise money for our animals. Irby Pets are a small family run business, and been big supporters of ours for years. They don’t make huge profits, they just love animals and providing for the locals pets.

PETS AT HOME – Again, long standing supporters who donated a pallet of small animal suppliers to help us through the winter.

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