Clues is a beautiful 12yo, ex-pointer, only recently ex. He was taken into The Philip Leverhulme Equine Hospital on Monday for Colic surgery, but unfortunately due to personal circumstances his owner is no longer able to keep him post surgery and the sad decision was taken that he would need to be put to sleep, as no one would want to take on a horse immediately post colic surgery.

We received a call from Leahurst 2 days ago (11th Jun 2020) asking if we would be able to give this real gent of a horse a home, as we are experienced in post surgery care, this isn’t a put off to us and of course we were happy to help and agreed to take him on and following a couple more days in Hospital, we were able to bring him home this morning.

We will obviously be taking one day at a time, as he is still high risk of complications, but we hope that we will be able to get him thru his recovery and in a few months be able to start rehabilitating him to search for his forever home in his own time.

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