On 13th April we received a call to say that a mare and her 3yo colt were being euthanaised, in the minutes between an exchange of calls and texts, sadly her 3yo colt Polo was euthanaised, but the group of young ladies who had come across the situation, bravely, managed to stop Coco falling on the same fate so that we could go and collect her.

Coco is 18 years old and had very little handling, certainly her owner admitted, that due to health problems she and her baby had been neglected for at least the last year.

Coco is very nervous, particularly on her right side were she appears to have limited vision and has very long feet, she is also pregnant, we will have a vet confirm and as always check her worm count, our lovely Farrier Tom Clothier will be making her feet much more comfortable tomorrow and our super dentist Lee-Shakeshaft Edt will call to her as soon as possible, she will also have a good scrub as soon as she is settled.

As always all of the above adds to our massive bills, every penny really does count, if you can spare even £1 please donate via PayPal to:, thank you all for your continued support and well done to the girls who saved Coco.

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