Gladys a Crawcwellt pony, another wild herd based in Trawsfynydd, North Wales. Just a few days old she was found by a local farmer, alone and trying to suckle on a telegraph pole. The farmer and his partner took her back to the herd, in hope of finding mum, but sadly we’re unsuccessful and the stallion of the herd attacked her, so as it wasn’t safe to leave her there, they took her home and contacted Gareth Wyn Jones of the Carneddau Pony Society to ask for help.

Gareth contacted Jackie Williams who we work with, to support the welfare of any Carneddau ponies who become injured or poorly and Amy and Jackie chatted about her best options, which resulted in us making the trip to collect her, so she could be seen by our wonderful Vet, Luke, have her IGG tested to check she had colostrum on board and take it from there.

The results were borderline, but certainly not concerning coupled with a very bright and bouncy foal. So she is now home and drinking her milk replacer very well indeed, in fact she even threw her little bucket at Amy this afternoon, wanting more milk. We look forward to introducing her to China, once China is well enough. As always, we appreciate any donations toward the care of the babies, you can donate via PayPal, bank transfer or direct to the awesome Philip Leverhulme Equine Hospital for Chinas ongoing intensive care.


BANK: Horse Sense Wirral Sort: 161614 Account: 10375919

VET: call: 01517946041 and ask to make a payment towards the Horse Sense Wirral account for China’s care.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support ❤

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