Little Heather arrived with us last night, the Carneddau guardians battled the extreme weather to get her off the mountains, after a walker spotted her looking poorly and poorly she is. Photos don’t do justice to how tiny this little lady is, although she is actually older than she looks, she is very thin and has a nasty skin infection, having been battling such a harsh Winter, on initial examinations she has deformities to her body and all 4 legs, along with bilateral locking patellas, so we think all her problems stem from these birth deformities making it even more of a difficult Winter, trying to get around. She is very weak, but full of spirit, was seen by the vet last night on arrival and again tonight after a little fall, she has started with her medicated baths today to sort her poorly skin out, she’s a proper little cutey.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, as always if you can afford to make a donation towards her care, please do so, we cant help these ponies without you.

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