Lush Rewards

We are ecstatic to announce that this week we have been awarded a grant from the amazing people of Lush, towards replacing our barbed wire and electric fences we inherited, with lovely pony safe post and rail fences.

This will be an ongoing project until all paddocks are pony safe, and divided into smaller paddocks to ensure the ponies welfare is met. Our ponies have different health issues, the main concern is to prevent them getting laminitis. Laminitis can be brought on from too much rich grass, therefore ponies susceptible will be on a bare minimum grass paddock. But with our current electric fencing, they will walk through to get the longer grass. Post and rail fencing will ensure the ponies stay where they are supposed to be.  

Lush are real ambassadors of animals rights and welfare and on numerous occasions have assisted us by allowing us to fundraise in their Liverpool store, they have really come up trumps for us this time and we can’t wait to see the finished project.

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