Age: 6yo

Friday 27th September 2017 saw the arrival of ‘Mary’ from Burtonwood. Mary, although in good condition otherwise, has the worst case of feather mites we have seen, having gone untreated for so long, they now effect right up her legs, belly and chest, she has some really nasty sores from rubbing herself.

Mary is only 3 years old and was due to be put to sleep, as her loaner was struggling to afford to keep her, never mind pay vet bills. Once aware of the situation her owner was agreeable to her coming here and paid for her to be transported. The yard where Mary was also very kindly clubbed together lots of useful items which they sent along with her, which we are very grateful for.

It took some time to treat Mary and get her in good condition. Although young with little previous handling, you could tell she wanted to be loved and enjoyed attention. Mary is now in her forever home, and coming on brilliantly.

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