Merseyside Fire and Rescue come to our aid.

Queens rescueQueens rescue 1Queens rescue 2Saturday we arrived to find that Queenie had either been leaning over the fence (removed for rescue) for a bit of tasty grass or itching her bum on the fence and it had snapped causing her to fall into a 4 foot deep ditch, with her back legs trapped under her she couldn’t get out. We had to call upon Merseyside Fire and Rescue services along with our local heroes Stuart Jones and Charlie Parsons and a duo of vets from the amazing Leahurst Equine Practice.

Whilst waiting for the vet, the team managed to get Queenie to her feet but still trapped between the ditch walls and she was tiring, once sedated the Fire and Rescue service slid padded straps under her front and back of her belly and attached them to the forks of the tractor for Stu to lift her out for us. Considering Queens is normally a nervy mare she took it all in her stride and thanks to the quick and quiet efforts of the whole team she was up, out and eating, just a bit stiff and shaken.

A massive thank you to all involved, everyone worked calmly and professionally as to keep Queenie calm and safe. 

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