Height: 11hh – Age: 1 to 18mths – Colour: Grey – Breed: Welsh Section A

Little Missy arrived here on 18th May 2020, after we responded to her owners call for help. Her owner had saved a group of ponies earlier this month, Little Missy included, the others weren’t too underweight and thrived under her care, however, Little Missy didn’t improve and this morning deteriorated and collapsed.

We attended expecting to find a pony who had given up and required euthanasia, however, she was bright, perky, eating and drinking, so we decided to bring her home and with the help of our very own Super Vet, Luke, get her on the road to recovery, with some careful nursing and fingers crossed she will pull thru with the love and attention of her new Horse Sense family. She is a cheeky little madam, who is full of attitude, which is really important to keep her going .

This is going to be a long road for her, with no expense spared on careful feeding and medical treatment and we need your help, to help her.