“Mitas” arrived at 4.30am ON 4th June 2020, after a very long trip from France. Mitas is an 11yo, former racehorse, very much loved by his whole family.

Sadly his family/trainers had a bad experience with rehoming, leaving them very worried about trying it again, but with out endless space or money, they cant possibly keep all of their retirees, although believe me, they would if they could, they spoil them rotten and really do love them like children.

So it was agreed that is was in Mitas’ best interest to come here for rehoming, where we can find the person who best suits him and protect him, with one of our permanent loan contracts, his trainers have made sure that they covered our initial lay out costs, by having him up to date with dentist, farrier, vaccinations etc.

He will be allowed ample time to settle in before the rehoming process starts.

Mitas is now in his forever home, being spoilt.

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